Today I want to show you guys how to make your own customized magazine notebooks. First of all you need:

  1. A Strawboard
  2. A pretty page from a magazine
  3. Stapled sheets of paper from a notebook
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Top bond or any strong gum or glue
  6. Plain paper
  7. Marker or highlighter pen



Step 1

Cut the sheets of paper from a notebook into smaller sheets, fold and staple together. It’ll look like this when you are done.



Step 2

Cut the strawboard to the size of the paper. Cut two for the front and back.


Step 3

Apply the gum to the back of the strawboard, and wrap the strawboard with the magazine, leaving enough space in between for the notebook. Apply gum to the edges to hold.


Step 4

Gum the book to the wrapped strawboards, the first and last page of the book to the front and back sides of the strawboard respectively.


Step 5

Design whatever you want on the plane sheet of paper. Cut and gum on the front cover of the book.



Your mini magazine book is done.

PS you can make different sizes of the magazine book.



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