“To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it’s the society who’s ugly.”

  • Marilyn Monroe


Hey guys!

                Hope you’re had a lovely day….so I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible.

                Every time people keep telling you to love yourself! Love yourself!! Love yourself!!! But sometimes we see stuff like ‘love yourself the way you are’ and the next you’ll see something like 10 ways to lose weight”, “exercises to make your butt pump”, and you’re like “what?”

                So what does it really mean to love you?

It’s accepting the way you are while creating room for improvement (if need be). Not letting anyone run you down or make you feel bad for the way you happened to be.

                Life isn’t easy. Everyone should be given credit for trying to live a life they didn’t choose. We were all born innocent little babies into a world we knew not so it’s not our fault if we were born in the low class, the middle class or the upper class. It’s all a part of God’s master plan for us as all things will work together for our good. Don’t let people make you feel bad about who you are. It’s not easy but we should try to keep all negative comments about us away from our minds and not meditate on them.

                When I explained love yourself, I said it’s accepting the way you are while creating room for improvement (if need be).

Let me give 3 examples that reflect the different aspects of what I’m trying to say.

You were created with a big head cos I’ve been told that I have a big head and it’s been a thing of concern to people though it never bothered me until in school everyone started saying it. In this case there’s nothing I would, or can do about it because I can’t go about doing outrageous stuffs and feeling bad for myself just because certain people don’t like the size of my head. I was created this way for a reason so I have no problem with it. I’ll also advice you all not to tamper with your body except it’s an abnormality you need to correct, which brings me to my second example.

Let’s say you got your nose broken while doing a stunt or something and now your nose is bent either towards the left or right. People are going to make fun of you but try your best not to let it get into your head. In this case it’s an abnormality that needs to be corrected so while loving yourself and enjoying life, you look for ways to correct it because most times these nose distortions cause breathing problem so you correct it for yourself.

Another scenario – You know how we keep hearing “be contented with what you have”? Let’s say you stay in a one room apartment and you’re meant to be contented with what you have. But it doesn’t stop you from striving to be better and one day live in your own mansion. You don’t say that because I want to be content, I’m okay with a one-room apartment and I won’t move further.

Somehow in the last two examples, it all comes down to what drives your motivation to change or be better. Is it because people make fun of you? Is it because you want to feel among? Or are you doing it for your own good? Try to ask yourself these questions when you find yourself doing stuffs you normally wouldn’t do. Another tip is talking to yourself. Not aloud though, that would just be weird lol. Talk to yourself at all times. Give yourself some encouragement. Speak into your life on a daily basis. I still have those conversations with myself and it helps a lot. So it’s not bad when they tell you to love yourself and still give you tips on how to lose weight or something. They just want you to appreciate who you are while aspiring to be better for your own good and not the next person.

One day as I was on my way to church, because my house is close to my church so I walk the distance, my shoe got spoilt. I decided to go home to change it.  There was no cobbler around. On my way some guys on the street began to make fun of me. I ignored them and got a taxi to take me home because I couldn’t stand it anymore. On my way back to the church after switching to a pair of flats, I felt bad and I didn’t want to go back anymore because of those guys that made fun of me. I even considered staying back at home. I found myself contemplating on whether to go back or not then I came to my senses. I had this conversation in my head like “what are you saying Favour? When did you start allowing comments of people to get into your head or have you lost your confidence? (And I happen to be a very confident person) ”. It was funny but that was what I said to myself and it helped me. I began to wonder why I was scared in the first place. I picked up my confidence from where I dropped it and began to walk back to church. So conversing with your inner self isn’t all that weird. It helps.

Human beings would be human beings. Sometimes they just want to make fun of you for “making-fun-of-you sake.” In these cases try your best to ignore. I thank God I’ve mastered the skill of ignoring to the extent the person begins to feel invisible. My daddy says that the reason why people make fun of you, talk bad about you, gossip and badmouth you is because you are not where God has destined you to be, it’s just a phase of life. When you get to that place of glory, they won’t be able to talk and those that did would hide their face in shame. Some would still talk but how are you going to hear them when you are up there and they are down there?

Besides how are you going to love your neighbors if you don’t love yourself when we are told to love our neighbors as we love ourselves?

I tried to keep it short. I really tried. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to subscribe also 😉



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