“Know first who you are then adorn yourself accordingly”

  • Epictetus


Hey guys!

                So in my last post (here), I told you that I couldn’t wait to see my knots out right? My knots are out *yippee!*. I was so excited to see what my knot out would look like. I did my knots on Saturday evening with my damp hair and I loosed it Wednesday morning so that’s three days right?



                One would expect that my damp hair would be dry, but it wasn’t. So I’ll advice y’all that are going to do your knots with damp hair to wait for about a week before you loose it just to be on a safe side. Or you dry it with a bonnet dryer.


                From that picture, you can tell that there’s something wrong with the left down side. That one was so wet like I just did it that day. Mom told me it’s probably because water gets there when bathing. So as a result of my still damp hair, my knot-out didn’t turn out perfect. I was so sad at first because I was excited about it. I didn’t know why but I was. Mom told me not to separate it (you know you have to separate the curls right?), So I did separate it at first but then I stopped and decided to blow-dry the parts I had not yet separated, before separating it completely. So the blow-dried parts ended up looking better than the other parts I didn’t blow-dry.

                Still didn’t look good. You know how you put a lot of thought into something, no matter how small or insignificant it is it still hurts when it doesn’t turn out well. So mom helped me separate it. It worked out somehow and my knot-out, though not perfect, looked good. This was just a first time mishap. I became happy. Was feeling better with the way it looked.


I decided to go for this laid back casual look. When I go laid back, my go-to colour is black. It makes casual seem a bit more casual. Am I the only one that thinks so?



                And yes. I tried out the DIY fabric choker I saw on Ella’s blog (here).



Pretty simple. I told myself that I have to do more of these. It’s basically just a fabric and necklace clasp or hook. So thanks Ella. You’re going to see more of those fabric chokers on my blog.

So that’s a wrap.


Thanks for checking out my blog.

And I love that quote.



19 thoughts on “THE KNOTS ARE OUT

    1. I’m a huge fan of chokers too :D . And thanks for checking out my blog. In my little mind…ok, my huge mind, I wonder how you guys find my blog. I get how, but I still like to wonder anyway. 🙂


    1. Aww…..sorry dear.
      What I do is when I write something really long, I copy the whole of it before submitting cos, I won’t lie, these things mess up sometimes. Probably our phones and network too. So if I see it didn’t go through or my phone or network messed up, I can easily paste and retry.
      But I would’ve really loved to read the whole of it.
      Thank you so much dear.


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