WHAT I WORE -The Boyfriend Shirt


“I don’t believe in men’s wear or women’s wear. I just like what I like.”

– Janelle Monáe

Hey guys!

So in my next post, which was supposed to come before this but I had some issues with it so I’ll do it next, I covered a wedding and I went as media. So…choosing an outfit was a bit difficult.

I’m the kind of wedding guest that never shows up in traditional or casual, but usually in a knee-length fit and flare gown, and heels, or anything formal or dinner-like.

So I had to go casual and comfy just this one time.


Comfort was key for me in this outfit. Cos I was to be taking pictures and interviewing, so I was going to be up, about, and everywhere. So I went for this boyfriend shirt – any oversized shirt that looks like you either borrowed it from your daddy, brother, husband, boyfriend or basically any male figure in your life, and are a size too big for you.

I paired it with a black jeans which I folded up, and these chunky heels. I love these heels, I’m sure you’ve seen much of them on the blog. They are the closest thing to flats that I have. I feel every girl should get a pair of something like these. If you don’t want to wear flats, but at the same time, want to be comfortable, go for these. The low chunky heels is a +1 in comfort. The ankle straps hold well, so it’s easier to walk in. So since I was going to be doing a lot of walking, I went for them. I styled the shirt the infamous half-tuck way. 😉

A friend of mine took the pics and she isn’t a photographer, so please pardon the poor quality of some pics 🙂 .

I look tired and stressed out. Trust me, I was.

One of the golden chains on my shoes removed 😦

Don’t worry. I took a pair of sneaks incase. And they came in handy.


Since I successfully convinced myself that face caps don’t look good on me, I don’t own one. I don’t do face caps, I do scarves, headwarmers and hats. But I had to take a face cap cos of the sun, and I thought it would be absurd for a photographer to be wearing shades while taking pictures.

I searched and I found this one I was given in secondary school during an ‘End Violence Against Women’ campaign. So I decided to wear it as my way of campaigning while I protect my very delicate eyes from the sun.




So I wore my DIYed ID card. I was told I had to come with an ID card as the media, so as a DIYer that I am, or as I like to call it, a DIY agent, I did this card. I wrapped a strawboard with a blue page from a magazine, wrote ‘girleccentric’ on a plane paper, cut and pasted on the already wrapped card, as well as the address, and ‘MEDIA’ which I cut and pasted at the back.



I also designed the ‘cards’.

And then lectured my mom on the benefits of being a DIY agent – Do It Yourself.



So that’s a wrap everybody.

It was fun.. Now I’m back.


100+ followers…thank you all.

I remember when it was just myself and my sister, just 2 with not much of a social benefit to boost the blog, so my 100+ followers is a big deal for me. Yippee!!!

In honour of that, let’s do a short introductory session shall we? Just write a bit about yourself in the comment box below..about anything…even about your blogs.

If you have questions you want to ask, go ahead. I want to get to know my readers better. So please leave a comment, I’ll be happy to read them all and I promise to reply to every single one. And if I’ve not been to your blog, leave a link behind.

Let me start with me.


I’m Favour Ndukwe… The proud owner of this blog 😉

I’m 16, I’m 5.11ft tall. I’m a christian and I love food. My birthday is 28th July..yes..my blog and I share the same birthday..how cute.(start preparing your gifts 😉 )

I’m a writer.

One day I shall meet you all..hopefully.

Hope you all like my look.

Love you guys.

Remember to leave a comment below.



23 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE -The Boyfriend Shirt

  1. Wow; looking good in your boyfriend outfit.

    Let me introduce myself:

    I am Ngumabi. Proud owner of the blog N’Graffi link: https://ngraffi.blogspot.com
    I am a lifestyle blogger and share my experiences on everything that a young lady needs to live her dream life – food, entrepreneuring, beauty, culture, music and book reviews.
    I’m twenty something years old and not so tall.

    I’m grateful to you Favour for this opportunity and wish you the best for your blog.
    100 followers is not given, it is merited and you should be proud of it.
    Cheers my dear
    God Bless You

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, U’re 16? Really cool what u’ve got goin, super proud of u. I love d look wiith d sneakers best 😍
    Let me introduce myself. I’m seyifunmi, i’m in my early 20s, a fashion designer, used to blog but i stopped, maybe next yr tho cos of my fashion brand. U cud just check out my IG page @seyifunmioyetunji instead of d unexisting blog nd hopefully u’d see a deisgn or two dat wud catch ur attention nd u’d buy 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey dear.
      You’re a designer? Really?
      I want to be a designer too. I have some sketches.
      I’ll definitely check out the Instagram page and hopefully work with your brand one day…I love it. And I’m looking forward to your blog. As soon as it’s out, let me know.
      Thanks a lot dear. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely outfit dear
    I’m Odinaka, just call me Nakas (as you know). Well I don’t have a blog, but might start one maybe after school, not sure. I like your blog and oh I’m almost 20.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Chai! You wore heels to cover an event? Na you oo. I wear sneakers or flats every time.
    I am Oyindamola ‘Dammy Ajibike. Owner of lifestyle and fashion blog lifeofdammy.com , founder of houseofnaturals.com.ng , photographer at Playground Media, poet and writer. I’m 19 and 5’9 in height. Congrats on reaching 100 followers mark. I wish you greater things.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Dammy
      Lol.. I removed it almost immediately cos I was asked to trek to the venue to get someone and I trekked back ..so I just pulled it off as soon as I got back..
      As comfortable as it was, trekking back and forth was not what I wanted to do in heels..lol.
      Thanks for participating.
      I think I remember your 19th birthday post. You looked lovely in that pink gown (I might just get one for myself too). And I like the houseofnaturals idea. How can I join in?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay it seems everyone is owning a blog or fashion house and am like what am I waiting for? Well it’s not my thing. Congratulations on your 100+ Blog visitors yipee!!! We are going places. Am Nnenna aka barbienara

    Ehnnn I don’t know what else to say lol bye

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Welcome dear. Thanks for stopping by. I get the intimidating part, but if you define who you are and what you want to portray and stick to it, all the “side intimidations” might come once in a while but as long as what you’re doing and who you are is defined, it won’t pull you down.
    Wishing you the best dear.


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