Make Up Hacks: Getting more for less


So thanks everyone for stopping by.. Today, I’m going to share my makeup process with you. I’m not a MUA…yet.. so I barely have enough materials to do my makeup. Some of you all are also like me with little makeup materials, but who says we can’t get a glam look with the little we have?

Here in Nigeria, these stuffs are kind of expensive and as a blogger on a budget, I cannot spend for clothes, shoes, fashion designing materials, literature books, and still have enough for makeup. I just started doing my makeup, I wasn’t into it before, so it’s still down below on my priority list.


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I did this look, but I didn’t take shots of the process, so I had to do another.

I went for a simple look with the red ombre lips. So in a bid to diversify my posts, I bring to you my first beauty post. Here goes…


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Ok.. my makeup box looks full, but be not dismayed.. the box is shallow. The only things I possess are a few very few brushes, some basic colour lipsticks – red (2 shades), brown, pink, burgundy and purple, foundation, concealer, 3 eyeshadow pallets, powder, pencils and blenders.




In school, I used a wrong soap for my face and I noticed something was wrong, but I didn’t realize that it was the soap, until my face had become rough with a lot of spots. I decided to indulge in a natural oil regimen for my face. I naturally have an oily face, and that adds to it, so before I start my makeup, I like to rub white powder on my face. It helps with the oily nature a bit. so you can do that if your face is oily also.


Then we go to the brows. I use a classic hot eyebrow definer group 01 or my M.A.C. eye/lip liner pencil.



When drawing your brows, do not start from the beginning of the brow – except you don’t have enough hair at the beginning – in order that it may look more natural than fake. Start by lining up and down the brows, and then brush the product in. When you’re done with brushing the brows, fill up whatever spaces might be left with the eyebrow powder or your pencil. If you are using a pencil, remember not to draw like a 3-year old, holding the pencil too tight and pressing hard. Just light strokes will do. After that, the beginning of the brows that you didn’t draw, whatever is left of the product on your brush – if you’re using the eyebrow powder – lightly rub upwards at that area or lightly stroke upwards with your pencil. Brush again. It should look like this




Next, use a concealer that’s close to your skin tone, preferably a shade lighter, so that it will look more natural and your brows won’t stand out from your face.

7 (1)

My concealer is too light, but I have 2 foundations; one light and the other darker. I mix them to get my real shade. So I use the lighter one to conceal. I need to do my brows again cos I can see some stray hairs. I use the angled brush for this.

7 (2)



Next is my eyeshadow. Since I don’t have a primer, I apply a little concealer on my lids, sometimes I rub a little powder after that, this time I didn’t. After blending in the concealer, you proceed to apply your eyeshadow.



One thing people fail to get is that with applying eyeshadow, you start with the lighter colours and use a brush that doesn’t pack much, with subtle strokes apply the colours you want.

I’m using a classic eyeshaodw pallet and another eclipse.



I went with the lightest neutral, stroking lightly, down to the darkest at the ends of my crease. I applied the yellow shade from the classic on my lids. I applied a bit of shine to my lids, using this 2-colour eyeshadow. I used the lighter shade.

10 (2)

10 (3)


I don’t like to use eyeliner because my eyes are pretty inside and my lashes are short and really curled and I tend to lose them in the process. So I just used my mascara and a black pencil for my waterline.


11 (1)


Now some people do all these after their foundation, or in between, but I like my foundation to be amongst the last things I apply, so that if I make mistakes, I can easily correct them without messing up my foundation. So the next thing I do is my lips. Now people apply lipstick first before concealing. I don’t know how this idea came to me.. it seemed outrageous at first, but I apply concealer to my lips before the lipstick. I apply it this way. Then blend to my skin. This prevents me from ruining the lipstick rather than concealing and blending after applying my lipstick.


I kind of applied too much though. So you make yours less. Then I proceed to line my lips, giving myself a bit of the bow.


Going in with my lipstick. I’m using a dark shade of red, a lighter shade of red, then a pink lipstick. I like the way I do my ombre because they make the lips look plump although I naturally have big and full lips.

14 (1)14 (2)


Smack and rub and brush, if necessary. Your ombre is ready.


15 (1)


Finally, my foundation. I use Mary Kay and Sleek. Mix them together to get the perfect shade for me.



I use my concealer for highlight. It’s a colour 02, which is quite light for me. Then I blend with a damp blender. I don’t like too much highlight. I contour with a darker shade of concealer.

I like to add a bit of yellow/orange powder over my highlight. Just a little bit, then dust off. I apply my powder – a colour 03 medium coverage classic powder – over everything, lighly, to tone it down a bit. Till I feel it’s enough.

Then I use a bronzer. If you don’t have one, you can use the type of eyeshadow that I used for my lids as bronzer, I used to do it ( 😉 we have to slay na). Since it’s not a real bronzer, keep it light. I rarely apply blush, my friend would tell you “black girls don’t blush”. But if I did, I’ll go in with the blush before the bronzer.


19 (1)


Your look is done.


20 (8)20 (7)20 (6)20 (2)20 (1)20 (5)



Your basic red lips look.

Let me know what you think of this beauty post, should I do more of them or not, and also your own makeup tricks that you use. Share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.

one more thing…. i feel my blog has been too personal. it’s a personal blog but no real interaction between reader and blogger. so if you have anything you’d like to share with me, for instance, a topic you’ll like to hear my thoughts on or blog about, a story you’d like to share, a poem (I’m into poetry), or whatever it is, email me at (yes i opened it when i was 15. so obvious right? i know). I’d be sure to reply.

Have fun


9 thoughts on “Make Up Hacks: Getting more for less

  1. I feel sorry for you because of the soap, I’d be so angry if anything caused more spots to appear on my face! What kind of nonsense is that? Mcheww. Lol the end result is good, I also like ombre lips. I shy away from mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow though..but I’m hoping to challenge myself this year lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… Ikr
      It was frustrating at first and the most annoying part was that I had no idea it was the soap, I thought maybe dirt or change of environment, so I kept washing twice daily and it got worse so I told my mom. It happened to my sis too, but not on her face, so my mom told me it was the soap and I stopped using it and it reduced. It’s better though now. It was frustrating at first. But life must go on right?
      Thanks dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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