Sunday Blues


If there’s one thing I know, is that there’s a God and he is good. I may fall and stray, complain and murmur, just like Jon Bellion’s ‘Hand of God’, “I am just a man” but in all these, I know that my “whole life’s in the hand of God”.

Well, I have a message, don’t worry, I just want to talk about something.

I can say I’m a fan of Jon Bellion’s music, ‘The Human Condition’ being my favourite album. ‘Hand of God’ was one of the songs I fell in love with instanta. So, like I said, I’m just going to talk about something, briefly. A little bit of Sunday blues. Though you can’t particularly classify it as gospel music, but just as the album title states, it’s a song about the average human trying to find his way, asking questions, trying to trust God, trying to be righteous, falling and trying again. Most of us have probably gone through this phase in life, so I want us to talk about ‘trying’ as Christians.


In his first stanza

“My head spins and I’ve been sipping
I’ve been sipping, I’ve been sipping lately
All my sins, I’ve been tripping, I’ve been tripping, my God
Brand new life, I’ve been looking
I’ve been looking, I’ve been looking lately
All these nights, they’ve been cooking
They’ve been cooking me raw”

He talks about how life – sleepless nights and restless mind – has drove him to drinking, he is being cooked “raw”, suffered and embittered by them. Most times, we go through the same shit. Trying to find our way, trying to live right, but these blows life keeps throwing at us isn’t making it any easier. So we stop, try to live like everyone else, and we know, and at the same time, don’t know that that’s even worse.

In his pre-chorus, you hear him sing “I am just a man” and “sometimes I lose my way”. We are all humans, but it’s the spirit that makes us beyond that. Sometimes you go too hard on yourself. It’s not by our power, but by grace. We want to be perfect, do all things good, run away from evil and appearances of evil, and we fall, we scold ourselves for falling, torture ourselves, wonder why we fell, hate ourselves for falling, and then you forget to pick yourself and run back to God, because you are just a man and need grace to move beyond.

Giving more examples of his fleshy nature, and the fleshy desires that are not gone yet, in verse 2. The chorus speaks to me more.

“Tears at a funeral, tears at a funeral, I might break
Angry at all the things, angry at all the things I can’t change
When you’re lost in the universe, lost in the universe
Don’t lose faith
My mother says, “Your whole life’s in the hand of God”


Sometimes I get angry about the things I can’t change. I mentioned in my post here that I’m insanely methodical and analytical, I like to know the ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘when’ of the situation, and you get no answers. At a point, I couldn’t see anything but the futility of life. I literally felt lost in the universe, but in all, “your whole life’s in the hand of God”.

It’s not yours to worry, leave that to God.




My friends just had to join in. All of us coincidentally sporting blue.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I ransacked my wardrobe looking for something cool and blue to style. It’s surprising how little blue items I have, yet it’s close to a favourite colour.




Love you guys. Tell me what you think, leave a comment.







6 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

    1. Thanks love.
      You should check out his entire human condition album. it ain’t gospel, but it’s really good, and most of his songs have good meanings and are relative. Thanks for dropping this comment.


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