​Easy-to-do Makeup #1 & ‘Unblogged Stories’


So here’s another makeup post. If you haven’t seen my tutorial post, check here. So I tried that half eyeshadow thingie that people do,  where they’ll be a different colour on the lid and another for the crease.  I’m showing you my result and how I arrived at it.

Also,  there are times where I take pictures of my personal style,  but I never get to post them cos of different reasons.  I call them the “unblogged stories”. That’s for the second part of this post.

This post is long overdue.  I’m back in school,  so..  I’m going to try to keep posting at least once a week.  So you guys should stick with me.  Thanks. 

So for the makeup, I used red and yellow, then orange for my brow bone, cos this orange is like my skin colour.  So for you all,  use something close to your skin tone.  Here’s the order in which I applied it.


classic eyeshadow palette



I applied the ‘orange’ to my brow bone first, then I went in with the red for my crease and up.  Then,  I applied concealer on my lid,  the semi-circle I wanted,  then carefully applied the yellow eyeshadow.  The concealer made the yellow pop more. I then applied white to the outer side/edges/whatever it is called.



The eyeliner.  I wanted this to be a candlelight inspired kind of makeup,  so I had to make the eyeliner long to represent the wick. 

I also remember telling you all about the little skin irritation I had from using a soap.  I’m still treating my face,  maybe I’ll let y’all know of my progress in one of these posts. 

For drawing the eyeliner,  I use a method,  cos I’m still a beginner and I lie not,  it wasn’t easy.  

I use a pencil or anything to mark where the liner should be and how long it should be.  I measure and draw with the pencil,  but here,  I used my concealer and angled brush.  Marking it,  makes me know where to line,  so I just apply the liner either on or on top of the marked area.  I drew mine on top of the concealer line.

red and yellow makeup tutorial


You flick your liner to get a tiny edge,  then from out,  start drawing towards the inner side.  Remember to remove excess product off the liner before you start.  If you smudge or smear it mistakenly,  leave to dry first,  before using your finger nail to gently put back in shape and remove the excess.

That’s basically it.  I wish I could upload a video.

The eyeshadow is quite bright, so I went for a natural lips.  Just lip gloss.  This is the result


AirBrush_20170920120718IMG_20170821_104456-01red and yellow makeup tutorialAirBrush_20170919105836AirBrush_20170919125240IMG_20170821_104639-01_edit


Now,  to my ‘unblogged stories ‘, sometimes I get lazy to even think of something to write (I know…  that’s bad..  I’m trying to do better now). So I have this pictures but never post them, and I really don’t like posting without writing something. So here are the supposed fashion posts you missed


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

this here is the most recent. I remember not posting this cos it was going to be yet another ‘black’ post and I felt like I’ve been doing a lot of ‘black posts’.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

ah….denim and pink. If you follow my instagram,you’ll see that I posted a picture of another denim and pink look.I’m still yet to do a post on that (smh)


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset

Another monochrome.I wasn’t satisfied with the pictures.



There was this head wrap game.Still going to do a post on this.


Processed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset

This was meant to be my birthday post.I had alot of things to say, but facing my screen, I was like who am I kidding? People don’t care about that shit.I never did a birthday post.


Do leave a comment. What do you think of the look,  do you also have a lot of ‘unblogged stories ‘? Let’s post them now.

♥️ ❤

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