​Student Style 


I’m back in school people!  I’m pretty much sure I mentioned that in my last post. It’s been stressful and pretty annoying but God will see me through o.

 Don’t worry,  this is just a brief post. So Sunday,  I realized that most of my clothes I packed are white and black cos I’m a law student and I was really looking for something else to wear.  If you know me well,  you’ll know I love my white and black,  but just for something different. After searching,  I still settled for my lovely white and black (smh). 

So I decided to do this post with some friends.  A student style post.  I’m in Bowen University in Osun and down here,  you don’t just wear what you like cos it’s a private school.  You’re dressing has to  be modest.  So my friends and I pretty much went simple and a little over,  but still simple. I took these pictures with my phone, had fun taking them. They are quite okay though.

I wanted to do a different post, but after taking the pictures, I decided to do this first.

I’m wearing a black and white striped crop top, black skirt,  my sandals and this little nude tote bag I remembered I had.

Ndukwe Favour law student style white and black

Student style for private schools girleccentric

My friend — Feranmi — is sporting a neutral top with lace detailing, a black skirt and sandals,  and I’m loving her hair.

Student style for private schools

Student style for private schools

Dammy is looking good in a blue gown,  ankle strap heels and black bag.

Student style for private schools

Then there’s Temi. I love this yellow number.

Student style for private schools

Student style for private schools

This one turned it into photoshoot

Happy week ahead. Have fun loves.

And I just discovered this Airbrush app.  It’s really nice,  used it for the featured image.  Do download it if you haven’t already.

Apple purse ni

(just felt like doing that 😂)



24 thoughts on “​Student Style 

    1. My sister thank you o. We’d be rocking the white and black that way.
      And the Airbrush, what happened?
      Actually what made me download is that the whiten effect for the teeth can be used to brighten an already white-ish background, giving it that white theme you probably desire and it does a lot of damage control for face pics.
      Try snapseed though if you don’t have it already .
      Thanks for dropping this comment


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