Ankara Style Inspiration #1: The Bell Sleeves — A subtle bit of extra


African materials (Ankara) never run out of trend, considering it’s level of versatility. Just like the denim, it ain’t going nowhere.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Fit and Living Healthy

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We’re in the era of being fit people!… Everyone is drawing up new fitness goals, we all want to lose some couple of pounds, and that’s cool.
But what happens when you’re a beginner like me? Where do you start from?
Take it easy on yourself cos I am here to help. Here’s what I’ve found out so far.
Exercise everyone should do

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A Guide to Fashion Designing : drawing frills


In fashion designing, one may come to find out that drawing a template or a model might be the easiest thing. The next stage is getting your design on paper in a way that has some level of realism, and can be easily identified as what it is. From representing a collar on your design, to drawing a button up shirt, how to draw sequins, colouring your design, frills, pleats, and much more.
In my previous fashion designing posts,

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