Monochromes and Musings…


It’s a new year… not a new me… just striving to be the best of me. So let’s say this together… “new year – 2018 – the beginning of the best of me”.
I’m back again and I have things I’d like to tell you. First of all, for lessons I learnt in 2017, you can check my post here. So it seems I’ve been diagnosed with a syndrome – going MIA – and I need a remedy, but I shall be my own remedy right now.
I’ve decided to get this virus out of my system by all means necessary, so before putting up this post, I had already prepared all my posts for January. All that’s left is the inclusion of pictures and a bit of editing. That’s the regimen I’m trying out for now, let’s see how that goes.

My exams are coming up this January too, so any free time I get, I’ll drop a post and prepare my posts for February. I’ll try to post at least once every week.  Consistency must be a part of my 2018…so help me God.




This is also meant to be a fashion post. This is me in basic monochrome, sporting a black sheer shirt, black pencil skirt, black flats, some black jewelry and a white bag.
The rests are pictures I took while in school, which have been uploaded on my instagram already.

Wraps and pleats… Feel free to state your favorite. I feel you guys will see me in more pleats this year.





My favorite quote remains :


No point crying over spilt milk. Instead let’s see how can either salvage or save up to buy a new one.

Happy new year.


13 thoughts on “Monochromes and Musings…

  1. So proud of you that you actually have the strength, courage and determination to start doing something that you love….it takes balls and you have it 😂😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Year gal
    I wish you success in all you do..
    I’m one blogger that is never consistent. I really need to break away from it this new year. ..

    Is that your natural hair in the last photos?
    I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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