On Playboys


It has come to my notice that playing someone has become a trend…something to brag about and beat your chest over. Now I hope I have players in the house (Odeshii..baba for the boys…baba for the ladies..king kunta..raskimono). I need one player to sincerely answer me – What do you guys gain in the end? Free sex? Courage? One more girl off the list? A long list of exes for your future spouse? A trophy..or is it an award? What’s wrong with staying with one person or being with none? It’s 2018 guys… Wake up! Life is leaving you behind.

Now for those of you that know you’re being played, or have been played, some people may advice you to play the player. Yeah… while that may be right, you see…some of us are really not just created to play people. You might be trying to get the person back and the person will turn the tables on you. You end up getting fooled…twice. I feel no one should play with anyone’s emotions..if you find out that you’ve been played, or are being played, just walk away immediately or maybe first of all, dump a glass of drink on him, get him mad…play some small shenanigans…and then walk away 😛

These players…they ain’t nothing but a bit of fragile dust…Yes…I said fragile dust..I know. They just do these things to appease their inferiorities. Do them strong thing now and they will fall in love with you and start begging you to forgive their past.

Forgiveness is divine…and it ain’t easy to be divine.


Meet Rukeme ❤ 


I’m not saying that you should now make it your mission to change them. If you happen to fall in love with one, don’t think that you can change him if you are nice and submissive. Girl…all he’d see is another toy he can easily manipulate. Yes, feel free to love, but don’t be stupid. Like Davido’s Fia says

“I love you no be say if you say make I put one hand for fire

I go put hand for fire”

Be a strong woman…be a strong black woman. You can’t control your feelings..yes..but you definitely can control your actions and you get to choose whether or not you want to control them. It’s going to be hard but you are tougher and you decide not to let anyone play you in the name of “love”.

Let me give you a secret loves… set standards and principles for yourself. Know what you want and be patient for it. The truth is that these players most times, never fall into these standards. We are the ones that begin to compromise because they’ve enticed us with their sweet talk.

Sweet talkers…

I find it very hard to trust sweet talkers.





20 thoughts on “On Playboys

    1. I understand love. Some people are like that and it’s not bad, just that people misunderstand people like that but if you are genuine, some people will definitely understand and they will vouch for you.
      Thanks for your comment.


  1. I wish I knew this two years ago but it’s never too late to learn. Some people say; I’ve set my standards too high. Well, with each day I value add to my being, the stakes go higher. Thanks babe!

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  2. i feel playboys only do this stuffs to cover up d fact that they are emotional..nd most times wen u hv bad frnds u tend to want to be like them..all i will say is dont try to play them..if u cant deal with their shit backoff..they get tired at d ending,,cos i feel playing a girl that likes u is childish..btw, i love ur post dear

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    1. Thank you for dropping this comment love. I agree that peer pressure can be a factor in this. Some of them really are fragile emotional beings and are scared of commitment. And that’s okay but one needs to understand that the person you’re playing has emotions too and might be more fragile than you are.
      Playing is childish… Thanks for stopping by 🤗


  3. After these guys must have broken a thousand hearts and must have received curses in different dialects…they will get married and when their wives don’t conceive or their businesses start to crumble…they will say it is their village ppl that is doing them not knowing they have been cursed a long time. SMH

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    1. Ikr… The things you do may bring unknown consequences in any form and some fail to realize that. The golden rule is to do to others what you want others to do to you. And while we are not all perfect, we should work towards it.
      And Karma exists.
      Thanks for stopping by dear.


    1. And that’s where they tend to lose themselves. First you hope you can change him, sometimes the person is successful, and the other times, the person may start walking on eggshells around him, trying not to get him mad, doing the things he loves, apologizing everytime you have a fight, thinking you can actually kill the playing spirit in him with kindness. There’s something about being too nice that makes people take you for granted.
      And there are some that go the other way and be the kind of tough love person towards him, making him earn what he gets from you, making him work for it. That way, the guy thinks hard on whether or not it is what he wants. If it’s not, he may give up but some players are so damn good at what they do. That’s why I said if you aren’t strong to handle it, walk away and save yourself early.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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