The Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Fit and Living Healthy

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We’re in the era of being fit people!… Everyone is drawing up new fitness goals, we all want to lose some couple of pounds, and that’s cool.
But what happens when you’re a beginner like me? Where do you start from?
Take it easy on yourself cos I am here to help. Here’s what I’ve found out so far.
Exercise everyone should do

1. Lunges:
Lunges… lunges… This exercise is everything. Helps in strength training, balance and posture. I don’t know the name of all these muscles but trust me, it works your legs good. They happen to be the most effective, strengthening the legs and bum. Start with the basic front and back lunge, then work your way to the more complex ones.

2. Squats:
Squats are legs and muscle building exercise. They also provide balance. It tones your butt too 😉. This exercise also burns a lot of calories too in the process of muscle building. You should try doing 30 and above squats a day. The results are appealing 😏

3. Planks:
Whether it is plank jacks, one hand planks, one leg planks, both hands and legs planks, side planks or elbow planks, these are also one of my favorite. It tones the stomach and works the legs and arm muscles at the same time, also helping the back and supports good posture and balance. You’d literally feel the burn. Try starting with 30seconds plank and working your way to 2minutes plank, adding 5seconds each day. It’s basically you staying on your forearms stretched out on your tip toes. Suspended in that way for a given amount of time.

4. Jumping jacks:
I enjoy these so much..for some reason.. It’s just going astride (legs apart) and legs together while jumping with your hands going up, when your legs are apart, and down, when your legs come together. These are good cardio and effective calorie burners.


5. Strength training:
Exercises like push ups, weight lifting and the use of resistance bands. These exercises help you to gain toned muscle and strength also in your bones. They also burn more calories as your body is working against a resisting force (the weights or the resistance bands). This exercise is not to be done everyday as the muscles need time to recuperate. Always warm up before this.


Tips to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle

1. Drink water (about two glasses or a bottle) before and after eating. This helps you to eat less and feel full.

2. Detox; just lemon and water will go a long way.

3. Walk and work more.

4. Try to use the toilet everyday and if possible, up to twice a day.

5. Discipline. It all comes down to disciplining yourself to eat healthy and follow whatever fitness regimen you’ve put up for yourself.


What exercise do you try to do everyday? What exercise do you think should be on this list? Have you recently drawn up a workout routine for yourself?

Leave a comment below.




14 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Fit and Living Healthy

  1. Girl.,,,,I recently got back to the gym and I’m hating life currently 😀
    But usually I love planks, lunges and I do some squats, cos what girl doesn’t do squats 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We the ‘hipless’ need it 😋
        Thank you for dropping this comment. I try to plank everyday now although for a week now I’ve refused to exceed my 1minute mark 🙄
        Thanks for stopping by ♥️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m definitely trying to drink more water in 2018! I’ve started taking my water bottle with me everywhere I go, in hope of finishing at least one a day + only drinking water with my meals – it’s healthy living and saves me $2.50 when I order it instead of a soda at restaurants!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lord knows I need this! I have recently started jogging tryna incorporate it into my lifestyle. It’s hard but I am taking you up on the squats. A girl needs a popping🍑 lol. Thank for this, also I will start to drink more water!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Drink a lot of water. Switch the soda or soft drink for water. I need to take that advice myself cos I love drinks.. But I’m trying to do that this 2018.
      I try to jog, but I noticed I get lazy when I see the distance I have to cover, so I just do on-the-spot exercises like jumping jacks, skipping, treadmill, and the others I mentioned here. It’s good to see you have a fitness regimen.


    1. I know right…. I also like to eat what I like but I try to cut rations and reduce the frequency of eating it. I don’t eat vegetables and fruits all day, I can’t do that… I’m just making a conscious effort to eat less junk, take more fruits, eat protein, and drink more water basically. At least, for this period that I’m beginning, trying to go easy on myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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