Ankara Style Inspiration #1: The Bell Sleeves — A subtle bit of extra


African materials (Ankara) never run out of trend, considering it’s level of versatility. Just like the denim, it ain’t going nowhere.

I made a decision to start wearing my designs and not just draw them. If no one would wear, I would. I have to start with myself. These days, I don’t just pick a style off the internet and copy, except I just want something random and simple, I try to design one myself.
So I urge you all to try it. Draw your design, or get someone to draw it for you, according to what you want, what you like, and who you are. Let a piece of you reflect in your style.
I drew — more like randomly sketched — two tops but I decided to go with the second cos it’s eccentric (key word; eccentric 😉).




I showed my tailor the design and explained it. I have to say she did a pretty good job. Although the flare was meant to be shorter, I decided to just wear it like that. So for those of you that want something a bit out of the everyday flared sleeves, this is an inspiration.



Ankara bell sleeves inspirationAnkara bell sleeves inspiration



I wore this for my friends birthday shoot (her birthday is on the 31st of this month…tomorrow 😊). My make up was pretty simple. Brown and pink over it for the crease and a golden shimmery eyeshadow for the cut. I didn’t do a full cut-crease as I wanted something simple.


Makeup pink and gold cut-crease


We were all dressed in the same pink Ankara, styled to our individual taste, except the birthday girl who was in a white top and Blue Jeans. The photoshoot was fun. It was done by A.K. Photography. He’s a really cool photographer.


Group Ankara StylesGroup Ankara Style


 Happy birthday love (sha_lait) ♥️



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