The High Heels Cheat Sheet & Its Application in Life: Lessons learnt from my heels


“Walk like you have three men walking behind you”

  • Oscar de la Renta

Loving high heels has made me train myself to some extent to walk well on heels. Not just walking without falling, but walking with poise.

I believe in wearing heels, while it has been said to have adverse side effects, I believe it also adds a bit of methodicalness to your disposition. I bet you didn’t know that wearing heels has its significance in your everyday living.

Allow me to enlighten you. This is the cheat sheet to wearing heels.

  1. Invest

First, you need to invest in a good pair of heels. One that the heels don’t seem shaky, something pretty enough to motivate you to learning how to walk on heels. You can begin with a 3-inch stiletto, a wedge, or block heels.

block heels flatlay



  1. Trust

When it comes to walking, the first thing you need is trust. Trust to stand first, and trust, when you take your first step. These shoes were made to carry you, and they will carry you. Free your mind, loosen up and just walk like it’s nobody’s business. We overthink things…it’s not rocket science. In life, sometimes, our overthinking may hinder us from getting what we want. You ask “what if I fail?” when you’ve not even tried. If you enter anything with a negative attitude, you’ll lose. Trust that you’ll succeed, and you will.


In attaining a good gait (walking step), after learning to balance on your heels, certain things come to play. There’s something to having a collected, calm, and composed gait. It makes one look focused and in control, and teaches composure, unlike when your legs are flying around.

When you look and walk smart, people begin to assume you’re smart, and you get to choose whether they are right or wrong.

  • Favour Ndukwe

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  1. Posture

Practice a good posture first. Back straight, chest out (not too out o), chin up, shoulders not slumped. Walk with your heels touching the floor first. It looks more natural that way. In muddy or unlevel grounds, or when walking up the stairs, put more pressure on your toes. They’ll hold you better in case of a slip or if your heels aren’t positioned well on the stairs. It’s almost like walking on your tiptoes even in heels.



  1. Look Forward

Don’t look down, look forward. You’d look unsure and anxious, and you may get scared when you look down. Stop watching your feet, whether or not they would fail. Look forward – is there an obstacle in the way? Am I going to bump into someone? Am I entering a level ground? Be conscious of your footing, but keep your head up. In life, always remember to keep your head up, don’t let them see you’re afraid. Also, walking with your head down just gives you a bad posture. Chin up. Walk like a Queen.

“Keep your heels, head, and standards high.”
Coco Chanel



  1. Practice

Practice walking on a straight line. Practice when you’re in heels and when off. Keep practicing until it becomes a part of you. Be calm and go a step at a time. As you learn that, gradually add a sway to your hips…cross your legs over each other….sway your little bum girrrlll!! Practice makes perfect.



  1. Patience

When walking with heels, you need patience. You need to take little strides. If you try long strides, your knees begin to bend, which would just end up making you look ridiculous. The difference is that a person in flats would take longer strides, and may end up getting there before you, but keep taking your little steps. Not too slow though. The fact that you’re taking little strides may need you to take more steps to get to a place at the same time as a person in flats. It’s not how fast you do it, it’s how well. Remember that as you go through life.



Heels help you to stand taller…like literally. Once you get the hang of it, I trust you’ll love it as well. Do also pay attention to the medical aspects of it. Once you’re off your heels, give yourself a leg massage; from your calves, down to your toes. You can keep a pair of flats or slippers in your bag, if you feel it would be needed. Invest more in strappy heels, pumps, and wedges. They hold the legs better, and except you’re a model, or you have reasons for it, keep your heels within 3-5 inches….6 inches for the bold ones, after you’ve perfected the art of balancing on heels.

Do I have other fans of high heels in the house? Is there something else I should add to this cheat sheet? Is there someone looking to learn how to walk on heels?

Leave a comment below.


15 thoughts on “The High Heels Cheat Sheet & Its Application in Life: Lessons learnt from my heels

  1. This is a really cool post. I have a drafted one about my relationship with heels that I’ve been too lazy to write. I naturally shy away from heels because I’m already so tall but I have a few that I wear when the occasion demands for it. It’s so annoying when people make it their duty to question why I’m putting on heels. I just roll my eyes or give a sharp answer lol. I love all the pictures of you here. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Like… I’m putting on heels because I want to.. Do you have a problem with that?
      I would love to read that post anyway. Laziness be gone! 🙅
      Thanks for the compliment and also for stopping by. ♥️


  2. Very nice read. I do enjoy heels, especially block heels. Mules and booties are my fave. But also like sandals, pumps and sneakers. The shoes very often make the outfit and it gives so much panache! Have a lovely day.

    Liked by 1 person

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