Ankara inspiration #2 – The ankara jacket 


Exploiting the versatility of African materials, I bring to you another Ankara inspiration — the Ankara  Jacket

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Red is a Life Saver


I am here with a sermon of sorts…the doctrine of The Beauty of Red. I love seeing women explore colours of a large variety, although the absence of it happens to be my favorite.
Next to my heart is the colour red, and don’t we just love the beauty of Red. ♥️
For this critical analysis, I acquired various pictures of people, men and women, to buttress my points.

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Makeshift Cold Shoulders — Straight from the pot of creativity


Here’s another quick fashion DIY.. It’s been cooking up for long and is freshly served. 😁
I created this cold-shoulders look with the off-shoulder gown I styled here and this real green Paisley print sleeveless gown. Yes… I wore two gowns….talk about layering 😅

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Music Tag (my music life on a golden platter 😁)

warning: Fun Tag Ahead

Continue at your own risk 😁 …..okay I think I’m over hyping 😉

I was tagged by Sharon for this Music tag. You can check her fabulous one here…and now this is mine.

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