Music Tag (my music life on a golden platter 😁)

warning: Fun Tag Ahead

Continue at your own risk 😁 …..okay I think I’m over hyping 😉

I was tagged by Sharon for this Music tag. You can check her fabulous one here…and now this is mine.

Music is a universal language… Everyone loves music and we all have the type of music that appeals to us.. And we savour that moment of pure bliss….

When the music’s got you like mhmm


Without further ado, let’s get to it. Chop chop…


1. Favorite song

Just like Sharon said, my favorite music changes with my current consistent mood at that point… if you get me. Right now, my favorite music is Issues by Julia Michaels.

This song appeals to me because I’m someone that goes from 100-0 real quick, sometimes for no reason, and I do stuff that may be wrong just and can’t find a particular reason I did that.. Consequences be damned! The person that would love me would have to take me with my baggage cos I got Issues, and won’t judge because I won’t be judging too, while we work together to be the best of ourselves.



2. Songs you hate

I can’t think of a song I particularly hate, but like Sharon, I really don’t like the One Corner song, neither do I like the dance. If my friends have paid close attention, they’ll notice I never really danced that dance…I just stand, laugh and watch. I really don’t like that song.



3. Songs you listen to again and again

Lawd!! I’m Yours by Jason Mraz has been my favorite for so long….never got tired of it.



4. Songs you don’t like but still sing because it’s on repeat

Started From the Bottom by Drake 😒. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this song, but it doesn’t particularly appeal to me… but it’s not so bad so I just survive it and move on 😒



5. Songs you listen to so many times that you hate now

Blackstar by David Bowie.. It’s rockstar and the strange eerie mood was what intrigued me at first…. Liked it, but now, not so much.

6. Songs that make you crazy

Play me Bailando by Enrique Iglesias ft Sean Paul anyday and you’d see my mad dancing skills… You need to see me at the chorus… it’s not pleasant 😏. Also, Unstoppable by Sia makes me feel like I can ram my head through a brick wall and leave unscathed 💪

Then there’s Elle king’s Ex’s and Oh’s …my all time favorite for a while… of course that was before Issues happened.

7. Songs for depressive times


Guts over Fear by my two loves — Sia and Eminem gets me every time…and it has a fierce but inspirational message… “GUTS OVER FEAR” became my motto for this year.

Breathe me by Sia

Born to Die Lana Del Rey ♥️

Black bird by Nina Simone is another beautiful song… With no instrumentals but drums, it’s like you face your fears and ask yourself questions while listening to this song. “Why do you want to fly Blackbird? You ain’t ever gonna fly”- This is wrong, but you need to stand strong and believe so, but the beauty of the song draws me back to it.




8. Songs that make you feel you can sing like a superstar

No One by Alicia Keys… I sing that stuff at the top of my lungs with no care in the world… and Fire meet Gasoline too by Sia.


9. Favorite songs from the one album

I’m going to go with Emeli Sande’s Album — Long Live The Angels, which is one of my recent favorites because it seems this list so far has been about Sia 🙄

Selah, Babe, Somebody and Every Single Little Piece 


10. Songs you want on your wedding

Mma Mma ya by Tim Godfrey

Perfect by Ed Sheeran 😭

Can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley 💕💖


11. Song you are thinking of right now

Bam Bam by Sister Nancy .. I don’t know why, but the language of this song gets me 😁


12. Favorite song of your sister/brother

My sister’s current favorite is Reaper by Sia. You can say Sia is a family fave.
13. Song you are listening to right now

Never Be the Same by Camilla Cabello.. It’s been on repeat for a while now, and I’m loving it.


14. What kind of melody do you think your blog transmits?

I think my blog transmits a serious, fierce, but relatable and motivating melody….and of course, anything Sia ‘ish’ 😁


15. Songs to be played at your funeral

It is well by Kristene DiMarco. I love her version of it.


16. Songs you put on to shower

I love to work my booty in the shower… 💃💃My go to songs would be 🥁

New Rules 📯📯 by Dua Lipa ..this song has me. Havana by Camilla and Run me dry by Bryson Tiller love..

On other news, have you heard the Bad and Boujee remix with the J.B.’s Baby instrumentals?


17. First song that you heard from your favorite Band/Singer

For Sia, I guess it would be Chandelier


18. What songs people don’t expect you to know

I really don’t have a specific song… or number of songs… but I guess people will always expect things from you ey? Let them keep expecting…. I really don’t know..


19. Most played song right now

Just checked my most played playlist and the top two were Issues by Julia Michaels my love… .

And another lovely song Said by Runtown and Nasty C… The lyrics get to me and the beats… I can’t listen to this song and move on… I listen to it like a million times and then move on



I guess that’s it. I nominate cliquetalk and velvetscreams

I wasn’t so sure nominating, I wanted to nominate more people. I wasn’t sure people would want to participate, but if you think this is a cool tag and would love to join in, then do. Be sure to tag me, I’ll love to read your answers. Always looking for ways to add to my playlist 😁
Till next time

What’s your favorite music right now?  Which one of mine can you relate to?  Leave a comment.


Oh…. I didn’t tell you guys about my matriculation 🤔



16 thoughts on “Music Tag (my music life on a golden platter 😁)

  1. Perfect by Ed Sheeran 😭…..oh my!!!!!i love this song like crazy.😍😍..i can listen to it all day ….i listened to cant help falling in love but nothing beats my lovely song perfect..😨😨😨…you need to listen to dive by ed sheeran also…its like omg!!😢😢

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know… I’m surprised it didn’t make my list but the songs were so many. I love Dive.. Like😭 … At a point, it was my favorite, always on repeat. Ed Sheeran I my love too 🤗 and his Perfect duet with Beyonce tops it off. 💕💖
      Thanks for stopping by love.


  2. you had me jotting down dese songs so i’d just download dem now. i don’t v a music tatse, if i feel the music fine, and if i dont then fine too. i hate one corner. i love the song said too.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. OMG!!! I love Nina Simone’s Black bird since I heard it in a movie, Beyond the lights (which I’ve over watched 😁). Sia is totally bae, I think I love almost all her songs, same with Ed Sheeran and Martina McBride. Issues suffered on my playlist from repetition, totally relatable.
    If you do rap, then check out NF, Corey Red and Cassper Nyovest. Raw, uncut rap that gets to your soul. You could explore Broods and James Arthur too (not rap). If you are into Chant/folk music, then check out Deep Forest, especially Forest hymn and Martha’s song. And of course my Johnny Drille and Adekunle Gold, Ire and Awa love has been on repeat too much, lol.
    Right now, Gente De Zona is the most played because I’ve been into salsa dancing lately.Followed by Christopher Tin’s Baba Yetu. Phew!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah… I heard the song in the movie too.. Lol..
      I don’t know Martina McBride but I will check her out right away. I think Issues is still suffering on mine 😅.
      I’m here taking notes like…. Thanks for the suggestions.. Always looking out for how to add to my playlist. I’ve been hearing about this Ire by Adekunle Gold too… Seems it’s good.
      I love Baba Yetu too…. They did a choreography with it in my church and I fell in love.
      Thanks for your comment 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh lord!!! So someone else loves I’m yours by Jason?? whaoo have loved that song since I was little. Am also a big fan of Lana Del Rey. Born to die ❤❤❤
    How come no one listens to Enya? Chai
    Anyways, I’m Off to download issues by Julia Michaels cos I think I have issues too… I mean, don’t we all?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
      I know how you feel right now… Most of my friends don’t know Jason Mraz and I keep trying to get them to like the song… Like….that song is beautiful..
      I don’t know Enya 🤔 but I will definitely check her out now.


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