Ankara inspiration #2 – The ankara jacket 


Exploiting the versatility of African materials, I bring to you another Ankara inspiration — the Ankara  Jacket

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I got this material for a friend’s wedding I blogged about here and here. I wanted an Ankara  jacket. I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers style their jackets in different ways. At some point in my life, I wasn’t a fan of Ankara materials, having only one ankara item in my wardrobe, but lately, I’ve decided to change that.

I started this Ankara series as a result of this new year resolution. Something to get me to follow up on it.

Before I go on, I’d like to appeal to you all to pardon me for being somewhat MIA recently. I’m back in school and I’m trying to work it all together. I’d still be here though. Thanks for sticking around.

So here’s my Ankara jacket.


styling the ankara jacketstyling the ankara jacket


Fun fact : it doubles as a gown and has pockets. Pockets make every gown extra.


ankara jacket gownwp-image-664833456



If you’re going to get an Ankara jacket, get one that doubles as a gown. More of a shirt dress….you can say.

I hope you loved this look.

A fashion designing post is coming up next.

Till next time


Nigerian fashion blogger Favour Ndukwe


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