My Attempt at Skincare Blew up in my Face (you may be hurting your skin)


If you follow me on instagram and in “real life” (🙄) you’d know that I’m particular about my skin and I’ve always wanted a skincare regimen that would work for me. Well I found one that didn’t work for me.

I have a very sensitive skin type. I usually easily react to substances, especially on my face. Like I said, I’m very particular about my skin. I went to boarding school in my Junior School years, up till the first year of Senior School. Let’s just say this didn’t avail good for my skin. I reacted to things I knew, and those I didn’t, everything from change of environment, to water, dirt, substances, even body sprays, coupled with the unwanted injuries I got. I popped out of boarding school with a spot-filled skin due to these reactions I paid no attention to. Back then, taking care of my skin wasn’t priority, but leaving school and seeing other people with nice skin, I became a bit envious… I too wanted good skin. At first, I thought nature would take it’s course and the scars would disappear after a while, but later I learnt that it’s not just nature, and it’s not just the scars. A good skin is beyond a spotless skin, but that is a big step to it.


I began my research on skincare. I wasn’t one to have so much acne breakout, sticking to a good hygiene and rubbing Shea butter once in a while was okay for me. I still had breakouts, sometimes on my chest and back too, and these left scars as well. I decided then to take up a skincare regimen, and stick to it. I reacted to things easily, so I wanted something natural-based.

After a bit of research, I heard of the African Black Soap (Dudu Osun). Consider this a Black Soap experience too. Black soap is supposedly natural, so I felt I’d have no problem with it.
Tip 1: Before you combine and contrast products, understand your skin type first.


Dudu Osun African black soap

My skincare regimen went thus: exfoliate twice a week, cleanse, moisturize. I used my Dudu Osun for exfoliating and cleansing on days I didn’t exfoliate. Here’s what I did. I melted it but cutting in bits, pouring in hot water and covering it up for a day. I did one thick, while the other was liquid, to serve as shampoo and body wash as well.


Dudu Osun African black soap


I added sugar to the thick one for exfoliation. So my daily routine was exfoliating with the sugar and soap mixture, then I’d wash my face and body with the soap again, or with Dettol original soap (this soap is my main of the only soaps I don’t react too). Then I’d dry my body and use coconut oil (my best friend 🤗) on my face and body. The Black Soap can dry out your skin, especially if you already have dry skin. For people with oily skin like myself, it reduces the oil but doesn’t really dry it out. On days I don’t exfoliate, I just rub the soap on my face, leave for a while, then rinse off.
Well… unknown to me, my face was too sensitive for such rigourous exercise. I started having big red acne. It started with one, then two, then three, and I knew something was wrong. It actually helped my complexion and my previous scars were fading, but I wasn’t used to these new type of acne. I was reluctant to stop as I was seeing some results. Prior to this time, I used a face towel and soap for exfoliation. I used honey on my face sometimes too, and sometimes as well, I rub my Shea butter.





Dudu Osun contains Pure honey, Shea butter, Camwood (Osun), palmkernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe Vera, lime juice, lemon juice, water, and fragrance. As you can see, the ingredients are beneficial to the skin.
I think it’s the lime or something else that was too harsh for my skin, along with the sugar scrub formula. I stopped the sugar and soap exfoliation formula face, and used it for my body alone. This soap is good for my body, but as we all know, the skin on our face is more sensitive… sometimes, too sensitive. After a while, I no longer saw the big acnes. What came afterwards was an outbreak of tiny pimples which I’m still battling with till today. They left a lot of dark spots on my face and some pimples still remain.
I quickly stopped using the soap on my face and reduced it’s usage on my body. I saw improvements, but the damage had already been done.
Tip 2: Once you notice any sort of reaction, discontinue use.




Before Dudu Osun



Now I’m stuck with this


Fear not for I’ve not given up. Now I’m on an all-DIY, all-natural skincare regimen. In my next post, I’ll be sharing a few basic DIYs everyone should know.
My new regimen is honey and sugar once a week for exfoliating, my coconut oil still remains my best friend. I mix it with my Dove DeepCare complex body lotion. I continued with my Dettol, which has been a loyal friend.
Tip 3: Don’t give up. Talk to a dermatologist, if you don’t know what would work for you.


So basically, I’ve done a Black soap review, while giving skincare advice. I hope my skin becomes better, and we all achieve our skincare goals. Don’t get me wrong, this soap has worked for many, I think mine was more of my usage of the soap as the soap happened to be harsh for my skin. So remember tip 1, always understand your skin type.
If you have any suggestions for me, or a similar experience, leave it in the comment box below.


Till next time

Dudu Osun African black soap
Who likes my flatlays? 🤗


13 thoughts on “My Attempt at Skincare Blew up in my Face (you may be hurting your skin)

  1. Finding a skin care routine that works is so hard especially for people who have sensitive skin. Acne prone skin is the worst, because you are constantly trying to find products that will make acne disappear but in reality can we find a magical products? I tried so many and I still fight with hormonal breakouts. I hope your skin will get better soon, I’ll advise you to exfoliate once in two weeks or once a week, because exfoliation can do more harm than good. xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your honest comment.
      I’m glad you can relate. I think i will reduce the amount of times I exfoliate, just as you’ve said. I hope my skin would get better.
      Thanks for stopping by

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  2. Girrrrl I have STRUGGLED with finding a skincare routine that actually works and doesn’t mess my face up further. I do a deep exfoliation once a week. I have a Clarisonic brush that I cleanse my face with once a day (sometimes I’ll skip a day and wash with my hands—it depends on how sensitive my skin feels). I then follow up with a toner (balances skins pH and calms down inflammation; try one with rosewater), serum, essence, and moisturizer. I love removing my makeup with coconut oil but it breaks me out if I use it as a moisturizer.

    I have spots from old pimples—adding SPF to my routine saved my life!!!! If you’re trying to rid your skin of hyperpigmentation, SPF is going to be your best friend especially as you’re exfoliating and training your skin to produce young, supple, dewy skin at a faster rate.

    I used to think—stronger cleansers will help my skin but it’s the opposite. Clean deeper with less harsh products and replenish your skin with the good stuff so it’s balanced and doesn’t overproduce oil because it’s so dry and essentially “shocked” from the strong cleanser.

    I’ve done the most in your comments, haha! Good luck!

    Dom |

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    1. Sister!! 🙌
      You’ve really done the most.. You’re amazing.. Thank you. I’ve seen and heard of that clarisonic brush, I may get it. You’re on spot with the exfoliating less and using mild cleansers. I think that’s what I missed. By SPF, you mean sunscreen?
      Really? Coconut oil causes break out for you?

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      1. Please get the Clarisonic especially if you wear makeup… It has literally changed my skin! It’s pricey, but totally worth it.

        SPF is sunscreen but formulated for your face. Some foundations and moisturizers have SPF built in. If you do go the route of SPF foundation, take a picture of your makeup at night with the flash on. Unfortunately, it tends to casts a flash back (because the SPF is lighter). I use the Origins White Tea moisturizer in the daytime because the SPF is already in it and I don’t care for heavy layers of product.

        When I use coconut oil as a makeup remover, my skin looooooves it but it’s a big no-no as a moisturizer for me. It clogs my pores and I get whiteheads. I live in a tropical climate and it’s just to heavy for me. I’m sure if I lived somewhere with less humidity, it may perform better as a moisturizer (sigh, I wish it did because coconut oil is life).

        Dom |

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      2. So Clarisonic is a done deal for me… I wear makeup about once a week and sometimes more. And I’ll check on that SPF. I’m switching up my routine, hopefully, I’ll put up another post with positive progress this time.
        Thanks for your help.

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  3. I have super sensitive skin too so I can relate to this. I use Dudu Osun for my skin and face too and at first I reacted to it (on my face). I didn’t get any major breakouts but I did breakout and apparently that was meant to be the process… somehow I stuck with it cause my face has been worse so the little breakouts couldn’t hurt lol. Anyway it dried out my skin but I found a good moisturiser. I exfoliated twice a week and used a henotine clay mask (this is liiiife!) once a week. I think you should try cetaphil Soap since you’re skin is so sensitive and continue with the exfoliating and mask regimen that has worked for you (honey)

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      1. It probably lasted a month, I’m not sure. But my skin was nowhere as clear as yours, so I thought wth! What’s the worst that can happen. I completely understand why you stopped though. It’s hard going from clear skin to unclear skin

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  4. That Dudu Osun soap is really different to the African Black Soap I’m used to. It’s got all kinds of fancy stuff in it. The stuff I’m used to looks like, well, poop. You can buy it from a lotion/soap making company or Coastal Scents. I noticed my skin reacts to things too, but it does pretty well with my poopy ABS. I’m right with you when it comes to the coconut oil. I use an exfoliating toner before the oil, though. I find it helps with fading scars and evening out my skin. I don’t think my face can handle a sugar scrub, though, my skin is too sensitive.

    Sorry you’re dealing with breakouts, hope you find something to fix them soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah.. The “perks” of having a sensitive skin type. I’m trying to switch up my whole routine though, go more subtle and gentle with my skin. The breakouts are better now though.
      Thank you for commenting.

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