Law Students X Blogging: GirlEccentric

I was featured on thechicstreetlawyer on combining blogging with my law studies.
This is the interview.

The Chic Street Lawyer™

It’s notably a fact that a lot of student bloggers blame their inconsistency on school work. School work is alarming especially in Nigerian Universities where everything just has to be so stressful including learning.

Anyway, like I said HERE, I usually marvel when I see bloggers/ students of some very serious ass overhyped courses like medicine, law, etc consistently take their time to develop excellent content.

This is the reason for this post, I asked some great bloggers/law students who are good at their blogging game and somehow manage to keep their academics at a balance level. I too have plans in upping my game and so I’ll be learning a lot too.

Initially, this feature of six bloggers was supposed to be a single post but trust law students and long notes, I have to make each feature a single post that would run weekly so it won’t…

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Today I’m going to talk about love. The silent type. Concealed behind a curtain.
The light that is best hidden under a bushel… It gives to those that are near, but doesn’t stray too far. It fears that the wind may put it out if it stands on the bushel.
The drizzle that slowly creates an ocean..
The drizzle that lets others be, while it is.
I’m going to pour my heart out..
Today, I’m going to be somebody…
Tonight I am a big deal.

Today I’m going to talk about love
The silent love
My love speaks in silence
Silent volumes …

Tonight I’m going to talk about love
A love that won’t be spoken of because it is a silent love
Silent mysteries…

_ Favour Ndukwe



Black is the New Red


..just for today though.. Red is still my favorite. Black is more of a bestfriend 🖤 I present : Deets and Bits on my law dinner…


I did a post on my favorite color – Red, now consider this a post on my bestfriend – Black. It is said that the Little Black Dress (LBD) is a woman’s bestfriend. Before I get into the fashion aspects of things, let me give you a quick recap of my dinner from when I arrived till the end. Continue reading “Black is the New Red”