Black is the New Red


..just for today though.. Red is still my favorite. Black is more of a bestfriend 🖤 I present : Deets and Bits on my law dinner…


I did a post on my favorite color – Red, now consider this a post on my bestfriend – Black. It is said that the Little Black Dress (LBD) is a woman’s bestfriend. Before I get into the fashion aspects of things, let me give you a quick recap of my dinner from when I arrived till the end.


The department of Law, Bowen University, Iwo, Osun state, Nigeria, held it’s law dinner on April 27th, 2018.
In Nigeria, we feel a party is not complete without free (and good) food. This is one aspect I was impressed with during the dinner. The event was scheduled for 2pm, but I arrived ‘fashionably late‘; about 3pm. At this time, they had begun to share food. We had a three-course meal (don’t worry, pictures are on the way). The table setting was nice too. I personally was impressed.
For the appetizer, we had what I saw as ‘bread and peppersoup’. I was somewhat confused on how to combine both together. If there’s anyone with a prior knowledge on this, please endeavor to share with me. I ended up just taking the soup. I knew we would have a carbohydrate-rich Entré, so I decided to leave the bread alone.
Our Entré was fried rice and jellof, little coleslaw and chicken. I have to give it to them for the taste of the food. It was delicious, but the coleslaw was really little, and I’m a fan of coleslaw and salad. I had to eat with fork and knife, some people ditched theirs, some used only fork. I won’t lie, at a point, I ditched the knife, and used only fork. We were trying to maintain our cool kid reputation ✌ and it wasn’t easy 😪.
The dessert was a serving of cake, some people got the red velvet, mine was chocolate (at least I think it was 🤔). Some were served with ice cream, but my table got only the cake.








Whilst we ate, awards were given, there was a brief law lecture. Our Master of Ceremony was quite interesting; a character. He was funny and brought life to the event. There were music interludes, a presentation by Kotrell, and a huge part of me was just waiting for the ‘Dance! Dance! Dance!’ part of the event. I was pumped up and ready to rumble…

However, my hopes were cut short as this is a private religious school, and we are not allowed to engage in such social activities beyond 6pm. Our dance was cut short, but we weren’t going anywhere. If you’re interested in seeing my little dance session, check my Instagram story at my handle here.


Outside the hall, we had another fun time, taking pictures, meeting people, shooting shots 😉, and making noise 😌
Of you follow my instagram, you must have already seen some pictures on my highlights and my feed.


What I Wore
The dress code was a decent black dress for ladies, and black suit for the men.

I have a problem of indecisiveness when it comes to styling myself for major events. I easily style other people, but when it comes to me, it’s almost like there are so much ideas in my head, the problem is picking one.

At the end of it all, I went simple and minimalist. A fit and flare and ankle strap heels. I wore my trusted wristwatch and a kente material clutch my sister got for me from Ghana. My makeup was done by damitunmi and I decided to go natural with the hair.


little black dresswp-image-1955551464wp-image-1553130581





I went with my squad (talk about squad goals) — Anne, Esther, and Leo (you’d be seeing more of them on the blog). Leo and I twinned up for the event, while Esther and Anne were another combo on their own.






First of all, let’s give a major shout out to these ladies from Ajayi Crowther University.

They held their law dinner as well, and we got the pictures.


Ajayi Crowther University law dinnerwp-image-612407846wp-image-1181984283Ajayi Crowther University law dinner

Stunning! 😍

Now you know law students have got style too. Thanks for giving us these pictures to be featured on this blog.



Fashion at Bowen University’s Law Dinner 2018

We went, we saw, and we slayed.

Here are some major slays amongst our 200level students. This is major outfit inspiration guys… Let’s just say I was proud 🤗


Bowen University law dinnerBowen University law dinnerBowen University law dinnerwp-image-184100324wp-image-614997925wp-image-1810701401wp-image-1945578455Bowen University law dinnerwp-image-910779948Bowen University law dinnerwp-image-1437005323Bowen University law dinnerBowen University law dinnerwp-image-2116263728Bowen University law dinner




And although we are never going to wear gowns for our dinner again… Says our Dean… We enjoyed this one time. The next is going to be us, suited up.

More like “We came, We ate, and We slayed”.

There you have it guys. This post has been much delayed but is finally up.

I’m done with the session, we’re on vacay, and let’s get ready because I’ll be serving posts frequently now.

Love you all






13 thoughts on “Black is the New Red

  1. Lol…this is funny…I’m a student of ajayi crowther uni and i can see my friends there …timilehin and Deborah….nice post tho long time😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Favour,
    You are killing it in black. Choosing one dress and dressing for an occasion is a headache.
    I find it difficult as well. Enjoy your Vacation 😊😊
    Much love xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Like real pressure… I just can’t seem to decide on what to wear, especially when it’s a major occasion. Sometimes I want to go dramatic and I end up being as simple as can be, like in this post.
      Thanks love

      Liked by 1 person

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