Law Students X Blogging: GirlEccentric

I was featured on thechicstreetlawyer on combining blogging with my law studies.
This is the interview.

The Chic Street Lawyer™

It’s notably a fact that a lot of student bloggers blame their inconsistency on school work. School work is alarming especially in Nigerian Universities where everything just has to be so stressful including learning.

Anyway, like I said HERE, I usually marvel when I see bloggers/ students of some very serious ass overhyped courses like medicine, law, etc consistently take their time to develop excellent content.

This is the reason for this post, I asked some great bloggers/law students who are good at their blogging game and somehow manage to keep their academics at a balance level. I too have plans in upping my game and so I’ll be learning a lot too.

Initially, this feature of six bloggers was supposed to be a single post but trust law students and long notes, I have to make each feature a single post that would run weekly so it won’t…

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