About me



wp-image-1784682490I am Ndukwe Favour, I’m 17 years old from Anambra State, Nigeria. You’re looking at the girl who is going to be defending your rights and fighting for justice in a couple of years. No, I’m not going to be a police woman, I’m a lawyer in training.

Describe myself in one word – ECCENTRIC

I’m a little bit out of your normal girl, you know, the one that acts different, talks different, dresses different. Let’s say I’m peculiar ;).  I love everything legitimately fun (lol), food inclusive but above all I love God.

You can say that I’m kind of like a feminist, but I’m not obsessed about gender equality. I just believe that the men in the society should give women credit for their hard work, not just because we are of the feminine gender, but because we also work hard and we deserve it. I believe in an independent woman.

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