In my last post on
I talked about thinking of going self-hosted.
Well… look who’s self-hosted now 🤗

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me. I thought I’d be able to start in August, but it’s September and I’m still getting a hang of this Self-hosted stuff.
I’m back now. And I’m going to be posting contents on the .com site in two days.

Well what are we still doing here?
Head over to now. Peep the new blog and make sure to read the ‘Welcome to’ post, to know what’s going to go down, the new categories, and ways you can participate.
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Thanks a lot.

Blog Break… Reforms… And Changes…


Hello Everyone… It’s been a while.

Welcome to the month of July.. I decided to put up this post after a while of critical thinking and deliberations.. So I’m just going to hit the nail on the head now.

I’ve been feeling a little bit conflicted about my blog and what I’m doing with it. So I started to think of new ways to make my blog better in terms of reader-participation. I’ve come up with a few ideas, but I’d like you all to participate too.

First of all, I’m narrowing my niche. It’s going to be Personal Style, Fashion Designing, and Random chitchats or fitness (I’ve still not decided on which yet). The Fashion Designing posts would feature Fashion Designing tutorials, tips and tasks. Personal Style is going to feature my style, ankara inspiration and a monthly style feature, where I give a theme for the month and feature the looks of people based on that theme.

I’m going to entertain more collaborations within Abuja, within Nigeria, and hopefully outside Nigeria too.

I plan to put up about 8 posts in a month; 2 in a week.

I’m also thinking of going self-hosted. I want something close to a fresh beginning and I think it’s high time I went self-hosted.

So the thing is I’m taking time out to really plan for this. About a month break. I won’t be posting, but I’d be present on the blogs of fellow bloggers, I’d also be active on my social media (instagram and twitter). I’m setting up my facebook page. I’m sorry guys…  Don’t ditch me, I’d be back.

Hopefully, when next you hear from me on this blog, I’d be self-hosted, and all these changes would be effected. I’d also appreciate feedback from you. You can send an email @ or leave a comment here. I’d appreciate any idea to move this blog forward. I’d also like to know if you like the ideas I’ve laid out and what more you want to see in my blog.

I’d appreciate every comment, advice, compliment, tip, encouragement, or whatever you can give.

Till next time guys. . .

I love you all.


Law Students X Blogging: GirlEccentric

I was featured on thechicstreetlawyer on combining blogging with my law studies.
This is the interview.

The Chic Street Lawyer™

It’s notably a fact that a lot of student bloggers blame their inconsistency on school work. School work is alarming especially in Nigerian Universities where everything just has to be so stressful including learning.

Anyway, like I said HERE, I usually marvel when I see bloggers/ students of some very serious ass overhyped courses like medicine, law, etc consistently take their time to develop excellent content.

This is the reason for this post, I asked some great bloggers/law students who are good at their blogging game and somehow manage to keep their academics at a balance level. I too have plans in upping my game and so I’ll be learning a lot too.

Initially, this feature of six bloggers was supposed to be a single post but trust law students and long notes, I have to make each feature a single post that would run weekly so it won’t…

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