White and denim never goes out of style – Denim Fever #1


This is one post I enjoyed creating.
You know how we say denim never goes out of style?… The white shirt or top never goes out of style either. I’m going to let my pictures do the talking. But first, may I present to you our white and blue gang 💁 Continue reading “White and denim never goes out of style – Denim Fever #1”

The High Heels Cheat Sheet & Its Application in Life: Lessons learnt from my heels


“Walk like you have three men walking behind you”

  • Oscar de la Renta

Loving high heels has made me train myself to some extent to walk well on heels. Not just walking without falling, but walking with poise.

I believe in wearing heels, while it has been said to have adverse side effects, I believe it also adds a bit of methodicalness to your disposition. I bet you didn’t know that wearing heels has its significance in your everyday living.

Allow me to enlighten you. This is the cheat sheet to wearing heels.

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Tips To Wearing Florals – for the not so “flowery” girl


Florals are a very good type of prints when styled the right way… so you don’t look like a bouquet yourself.
But these prints do not appeal to everyone — both male and female — for reasons best known to them.
I also find it hard to wear floral print and I hardly own anything floral, but as an aspiring designer, I believe I should be able to work with almost any material or print and make something breathtaking out of it, and not liking a print makes you less willing to work with it.

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Ankara Style Inspiration #1: The Bell Sleeves — A subtle bit of extra


African materials (Ankara) never run out of trend, considering it’s level of versatility. Just like the denim, it ain’t going nowhere.

I made a decision to start wearing my designs and not just draw them. If no one would wear, I would. I have to start with myself. Continue reading “Ankara Style Inspiration #1: The Bell Sleeves — A subtle bit of extra”

Pageantry – My Experience


Beauty pageants have been going on far back as 19th century. Women all over gather together for the purpose of representing their places of origin, institution, corporation, or place of work in pageants. Participating in this contest, I had to come to the understanding of the essence of beauty pageants Continue reading “Pageantry – My Experience”

Bodycons… (What I’ve been up to)


Hey guys
And hello November ….
So I’ve been up to something… .
First of all, I made a decision to be more consistent with my blogging, but school has been hectic and I hope you all will bear with me. Thanks to all those who followed newly, I’ve not been able to check that out as well. Thank you guys.
So yesterday, I had to get pictures cos I’m contesting in my school’s beauty pageant @Bowenpageant and I was back from class by 4pm and had to scrap something up that same evening for the pageant pictures. Continue reading “Bodycons… (What I’ve been up to)”

​Student Style 


I’m back in school people!  I’m pretty much sure I mentioned that in my last post. It’s been stressful and pretty annoying but God will see me through o.

 Don’t worry,  this is just a brief post. So Sunday,  I realized that most of my clothes I packed are white and black cos I’m a law student and I was really looking for something else to wear.  If you know me well,  you’ll know I love my white and black,  but just for something different. After searching,  I still settled for my lovely white and black (smh).  Continue reading “​Student Style “

Bleeding into poetry


So 28th July was my birthday. I did nothing for it by the way.. but it was also my blog’s anniversary.

Here’s a major throwback to the first shots I took for this blog

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New life


Hey guys…

I’m back.

How are you all doing? I took a long break from blogging and I didn’t let you guys know… I know and I’m sorry. It was all for school stuff, but next time, I’ll come up with a routine so that my blogging doesn’t affect my academics. Is it too late now to say sorry? (see what I did there? Smh)

So.. moving on… Continue reading “New life”



(Treasure & Maxwell)

The wedding of Treasure Uzor and Maxwell Ogolo which took place on the 3rd of December 2016, at TREM Vision House Utako, Abuja, Nigeria.

Colours: Teal green, Peach, Wine.

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